What is Drawn Free?

Drawn Free began in 2018 when Sydney artist James Wadley presented a watercolour sketch to a friend who had just adopted a dog. It was a gesture of thanks for taking the ‘rescue’ road, rather than purchasing a dog from a pet store.

Another friend, having recently rescued a pup, asked if she could have a sketch too. And well, you guessed it, pretty soon all of James’ dog-owner friends were after their own little piece of watercolour art. It didn’t take long and there were enough sketches to fill a book. And Drawn Free the book was born.

Not just an ordinary book. This one raises money for dog rescue organisations around the world, most prominently Rescue Dogs Rock NYC.

In 2019 there were enough sketches for Drawn Free Volume II.

And now, to go to the next level in the fund raising, we have Drawn Free the merchandise store!

Keep checking in because there will be new merchandise and new pup sketches being added all the time!